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ADR Education

Mr. Appel is a strong proponent of remaining current in the latest developments, techniques and innovations in ADR.  As a result, he regularly attends educational and training programs focused on best practices and developments in ADR.  The following demonstrates Mr. Appel’s commitment to continuing education during the past several years.

    • New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), Commercial Arbitration Spring 2022;
    • NYSBA, Non-party Discovery in U.S. Arbitration, 2022;
    • American Bar Association (ABA), Impartiality: Do You Know Where Your Biases Are, 2021;
    • International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), Imperfect Impartiality: How Neutrals Can Combat Implicit Bias, 2021;
    • NYSBA, Best Practices: Roundtable on Different Approaches to Arbitration, 2021; 
    • New York Law School, Cutting Edges in Commercial Arbitration, 2021;
    • NYSBA, Arbitration and Mediation 2021; Best Practices Working Through and Around Covid, 2021;
    • NYSBA, Hot Topics in Dispute Resolution, 2021;
    • American Arbitration Association (AAA), Cyber Security: A Shared Responsibility, 2020;
    • ABA, How to Effectively Conduct “Zoom” Trials During The Pandemic and Beyond, 2020;
    • ABA, Covid-19 Impact on Health Care ADR, 2020;
    • New York Law School, Cutting Edge Issues in Commercial Arbitration, 2020;
    • CPR, Online Mediation Training Program, 2020;
    • NYSBA, Understanding the AAA-ICDR Virtual Hearing Guide for Arbitration and Parties, 2020;
    • CPR, Beyond the Basics: Thorny Issues in Conducting Real Arbitration Proceedings in a Virtual Hearing Room, 2020;
    • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Nuts and Bolts of Conducting Arbitral Hearings Via Video Conference, 2020;
    • NYSBA, Annual Meeting, Dispute Resolution Section Program, 2020;
    • New York Law School, Symposium: ADR and Diversity, 2020;
    • NYSBA, Under the Radar Developments in the Case Law Relating to Domestic Arbitration, 2019;
    • AAA, Tribunal Dynamics: Selection of Tribunal from the Counsel and Arbitrator Perspective, 2019;
    • NYSBA, Arbitration 2019: Arbitration at its Best, 2019;
    • AAA, 2019 Panel Conference, 2019;
    • NYSBA, Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting, 2019;
    • Mediation Office of the Southern District of New York, Exploring the Mediation Joint Session: Benefits, Detriments, Strategies for Making the Most of It, 2018;
    • NYSBA, Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting, 2018;
    • AAA, Healthcare Dispute Resolution Innovation and Strategy Conference, 2018;
    • American College of e-Neutrals, E-Discovery 2.0: Managing the Process, 2018;
    • AAA, Arbitrator Performance and Demeanor: Meeting Participant Expectations, 2018;
    • New York Law School, Cutting Edge Topics in Commercial Arbitration, 2018;
    • NYSBA, Judge at Judith S. Kaye Arbitration Competition, 2017 and 2018;
    • NYSBA, Dispute Resolution Section Fall Meeting:  Brave New World in Dispute Resolution, 2017;
    • American College of e-Neutrals, Arbitrating in a Digital World:  Fair and Expeditious Management of Electronic Discovery, 2017;
    • NYSBA, Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting, 2017;
    • ABA, What I Wish My Mediators Knew, 2017;
    • NYSBA, Dispute Resolution Section Fall Meeting, 2016;
    • AAA, Healthcare Dispute Resolution Innovation and Strategy Conference, 2016;
    • NYSBA, The Ten Most Important Things for Counsel and Arbitrators, 2016;
    • AAA and International Center for Dispute Resolution, Panel Conference, 2016;
    • NYSBA, Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting, 2016;
    • NYSBA, ADR:  Trends, Innovations, Insights and Practice Tips, 2015;
    • AAA, eDiscovery: Arbitration in a Digital World, 2015;
    • Juris Conferences, Technology in International Arbitration, 2015;
    • American Health Lawyers Association, Health Care Arbitration, 2015;
    • College of Commercial Arbitrators/AAA, Managing a Successful Arbitration, 2014;
    • NYSBA, Winning with ADR, 2014;
    • Federal Bar Association, Negotiation Skills for Deals, Disputes and Mediation, 2014;
    • NYSBA, Dispute Resolution for 2013 and Beyond, 2013;
    • AAA, Managing the Arbitration Process for Efficiency & Economy Following the Preliminary Hearing, 2013;
    • AAA, Maximizing Efficiency & Economy in Arbitration: Challenges at the Preliminary Hearing, 2013;
    • AAA, Scope of the Arbitrator’s Authority: Granting Interim and Final Relief, 2013;
    • AAA, What’s a Respondent Like You Doing in a Place Like This?  Confronting Arbitrability and Jurisdiction Issues in Arbitration, 2013;
    • New York City Bar Association, Understanding Impasse in Negotiation and Mediation: How to Prevent, Avoid and Break Deadlock, 2013;
    • NYSBA, New and Improved ADR Techniques for the Modern American Lawyer, 2012.
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